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Oct 2021
worry ******

some are real. some are fake, created just to have a few around. because never can you have too many worries.

worrying, it is my normal state of mind. believing it is wrong when worry is absent. convinced something was overlooked or forgotten.

simply put, i worry too much. mostly over stupid, meaningless stuff.

worrying developed into a personality trait. making my complexion complete. creating worry just to achieve this frame of mind.

after years of introspection, i believe the reason is having become addicted to worrying. it fills my free time. it tells me life still flows.

an adrenaline ****** i would rather have been. they have more fun. but instead a worry ****** i became.

always looking for my next hit.

i live to worry and worry to live.

a worrier is who i am. it is what i became but not wished for.

my brain grows to calm
this is not its normal state
now demands a hit
Šī¸ dt + b
D Thornhill
Written by
D Thornhill
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