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Sep 2021
And what a roar it was!

Pride in my pride

The heavens opened

A mighty warning

A cutting of imperial cloth

Sharp teeth heralded truths

A saviour for the reading of my meek soul

the amplification of my courage by proxy

Each and every word blasting into existence

I swear Were plucked from my own silent mouth

Drooling for the courage pouring from the magnificence

A fearless and courageous stand

For the truth

I knew in the defining moment

The nature of true agapi

Truth needs no defending

He spoke softly

It was the truth that rung in everyone's ears

And shock, awe and relief

At the words

That could not be unsaid

that could not be unheard

And a thought

that could never be undone
S Smoothie
Written by
S Smoothie
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