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Sep 2021
Out beyond the border lies my lover
He waits, inviting, miles over under streetlights
He hides singing in the shadows
In low grunts and silent hymns
I seek my lover; I dive deep and deeper

Out there lies freedom
Below the dark cloak illuminated by the business it encompasses
Built with stones, roads, homes, people
Walking, talking, mad and kind
Here is freedom packaged in suits
It struts in hand in hand harmony with commodity

Out there, there's wailing
Youthful faces rising from noise, sweat, smoke and glee
Here is a place of endless wonder
Packed with the unknown and the unremembered
Here they shout, kick, dance, laugh, fight
We find our corners, our friends, our highs and escape
We are found by blind touches, caution, surrender, and strangers

Out there is an undiscovered plain
Across the river, my lover's secret lying in dirt and mud
Here lights shine less bright
Here a son cries in hunger
Here a mother cries of pity
Here a father cries in isolation
He puffs, scavenge, runs, click-bang!
Here there is a hunger
Of poverty hidden in silence
My lover behind concrete, metal, wood
I am kissed in narrow streets and gifted security

I've touched my lover, over, between, and under
All his parts and places
The stink of his skin clings to mine
As we lie, finally together, I am home
He is home, both cool and warm
As dawn approaches, my lover leaves, occupied

Here is day
Romanticized by the searching smoke of crafted beans
and mindless denial clanking
I cannot see my lover amidst the light
He has retreated to his shadows
impatient for the night
Until we meet, I am left with these sheets
Our shapes dancing through moonlight, laughter, and sleep

Out there lies reality
One hand slaps unto another
A ding-cring-****
Written by
underthesheets  F/Philippines
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