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Sep 24
I'm so sorry this is not that poem
Not that poem with rhymes
Those cute little short ones
But this will be longer
A TW needed
A way to escape from hell
Cut, cut, cut
I cant people will see
Blame it on dance
Bruise after bruise
Injury after injury
But im not cutting
It is not self h@rm if it's not with a kn!fe
But it is
Im hurting my body
Pushing it past its limit
But how could I see that when i'm blinded by the feeling of doing it
Pushing past the pain
YES i did another day
Going to school pretending in fine
YES I did it one more time
Mother asking if I need help
Fooled her again did it
But I know I need help
I want help but can't seem to reach it
I'm sorry that it wasn't that poem….
Self h@rm could be anything and sometimes you don't even recognize it.
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