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Sep 19
The summer air lies
Thick and sweet
It reeks of flowers and over ripe berries
The sweat drops twinkle in the heat
A visage of the real pearls we wish we could carry
The girl breathes heavy
Is it the summer heat?
Glittering eyes at the sweat that glistens
And the muscled hands that trails
The fascinating work of waves and dunes
It runs along and dives into an unknown world
Her eyes flutter at the sudden chill
The clouds roll in with the rain that wets
Everything to cleanse a world of sins
The thunder is loud and she violently shudders
It’s as if she’s the source
Like atoms come together.
Tethered ©️ 2021 Jana Pelzom
I don’t know if I can ever write about *** like it wasn’t some horrific thing or something to be unconsciously ashamed of or afraid of, but I tried. Most of us are bound, by fear, curiosity or lust for more.
Jana Pelzom
Written by
Jana Pelzom  23/Bhutan
   Soki and Bogdan Dragos
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