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Sep 19
Shots of ***** is clouding my vision
I made it to Mount belview with ciroc in my trunk.
Legally 18 he looks for attention with a cup of concoction that I just drew up.
His best friend is his cousin but we just dropped her off to get ******.
Laying on my Chest he sells me his soul as I play along holding him with the feeling of being loved.
I take out bag full of treats and tell him to take it as we walk naked on a street at 4 am.
He starts performing his ritual of kissing me south I start seeing devils walk with us ….my God you wish I was making this up

Shots of ***** is clouding my vision,
As I black out pulling up.
I don’t know how I drove so far but I was behind the wheel.
His house is big
And I have to *** like nobody was even up still.
They follow us home as the pills start to wear off
I was summond by him as my **** is erected and there is ***** on his tongue.
the devils crowd aroudn us as he smiles there as I’m losing my ******* mind telling him
As he looks at me and say
“Chill you’re just drunk abs making **** up”
Mr Zeal
Written by
Mr Zeal  23/M/United States
(23/M/United States)   
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