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Sep 19
So my grandma died
And I’m not even at home
I got kicked out by playing my right
My dad use to hit my mom so I fought him and put him inter hospital and now My mom says I went to far ….
Do she not remember 7 th grade when he was bouncing her hesd in the wall?
What about pushing her down the stairs?
Or that time of ripping her purse from her ?
What about the time he choked my sister?
Or slapped my other one.
But the fact that the worst thing he did was nothing at all
She kicked me out cause I went to far by putting him in the hospital cause he wanted to fight me.
I’m no longer seeing myself as the bad guy the bad guy is my mom she could of got a divorce like the several times bedded she told us as kids she was when we believed her…
I find it funny and peaceful that I’m staying on this couch rn at my friends that I got to leave in one piece instead of losing my mind
Mr Zeal
Written by
Mr Zeal  23/M/United States
(23/M/United States)   
   Weeping willow
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