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Sep 17
My days linger
Among cameo Sun and Buckeye battleship grey days
Amid the towering arbor vitae spires
That conspire to touch the sky
Anid the cicada's quick churning clicks
A symphony of sorts; an entymological buzz
For what reasons?
I am new in Ohio

For me Life begins when it wanes
When it begins to suffer the consequence of it's folly
When it's envisioned it's distant end
For me, myself
For the wantonly wicked
The obsequious
The interesting, albeit intrepid
After the tolls have been finessed
The tolls must still be paid with obscene interest
Before it's finished

When the scenery is awash in beauty and emerald gable greens
But your eyes are dimmed
Hairs graying; decaying
Less acutely focused
When the synaptic firing pin is
Worn down; burred
Still you revel in the gratitude
You are able to muster
By you i mean I
And embrace the remnants of
Breathy joy and lack luster exuberance
In this 3rd scene sense of Midwestern
Consolation prize
Before i close my eyes
Jerry Bradford
Written by
Jerry Bradford  M/Colorado
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