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Sep 11
Take me back to the garden,
where the world was ours
and we knew what to do with it—
where every breath was sacrosanct,
and our feet never left hallowed ground.
Where we’d lie beneath the heavens,
counting stars, and I’d watch you
give names to every single one.
I long for those days of dancing,
and dreaming, and never not believing
we were infinite and free;
I ache for a time when we were royal,
and we ruled like we were made to,
like we wanted, because we could.
Intimacy was effortless, then,
embedded in our blood; making love
was some form of worship,
and we were desperately devout.
I would trade all the wisdom
of this world and the next
for one last eve of benighted bliss—
take me back, I implore you.
We’ll do it right this time.
aka kara experiences her first breakup and has some Thoughts About It
Kara Michelle
Written by
Kara Michelle  22/Cisgender Female/Kentucky, USA
(22/Cisgender Female/Kentucky, USA)   
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