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Sep 9
Do you stumble when you fall or does the weight of this world send you crashing to the ground as the jeers from the crowd snap at your heels like hounds bred for slaughter that never knew light but could only feel hunger and see you as a victim as only a measure of scrap just a snack for the time of the night while you fight do you know why you value your life stuck to work like a cog or a slave just because you get paid wont mean **** the next day as you're stuck in the cycle and do it again and again
Can you feel me, I know you can hear, but can you just feel me, I'm bleeding from my heart of tin, that I've wrapped up, the sound of it beating, its trying to greet me, but I'm far too greedy with my peace of mind, to let what's inside, set me free make me blind, and I've always just known that the truth could not hide, so what did I find while I'm searching for answers, the truth was I'm scared and took flight like a dancer on wind, as I'm screaming "You know I will find you" the signs point behind me but I'm just a coward who wont learn to turn.

I've always been too scared to turn,
Into what I dream to fill my sea of memories with joy and love if meant to be and yet I put a stop to whimsy find myself in cryptic visions haunting tales of sorrow laced with deep depression, masked with brute aggression, deaf to all suggestion, monster of me I will make of myself, cause the beast with no knowledge is easy to trick, and the games that I play may be all with myself, but I'm too scared of losing so each trap I lay I ensure that I fall on and both my legs break just to stutter my progress before its too late, and light much like darkness is found in all man but I'm too busy drowning in hourglass sand, to take stock of the meaning that both are in balance
Written by
Avestani  23/M/Alfheim
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