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Sep 9
Holding on to memories
Living in the past
Wanting to go back in time
The future comes too fast
Replaying the stories in your head while laying in your bed
Regrets are flooding in your thoughts you're only free when you're dead

Silence all the voices
Demons whispers spreading doubt in every action that you take
Are you moving farther from the light with every single forced mistake
Find yourself
In the heart of the void
Telling people stories of the chaos that you've wrought
Only in that moment will you think you know the cost

Closer and closer
To the end
Find yourself at doors that lead to nowhere
Deeper and deeper
Sinking and drowning
Sowing your madness around you and dancing in faith misplaced

The last thing that you'll see is a recognizable face

One who watches
One who creeps
One who makes the virgins weep
Kings of Sorrow
King of Drought
Plague and Agony drooling from his mouth

Down and down.
You pierce the darkness
Through and through
To find yourself
Give to it your hearts desire
Take from it your rightful place

Watching every minute creep by as you squirm
Digging in the earth for treasure burying yourself
You ******* Worm
Asking for powers and knowledge divine
The gift of this wisdom is know you are mine
Written by
Avestani  23/M/Alfheim
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