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Sep 2021
Tell me who you wish for me to be
Ill be silent, waiting patiently
Gave up on my perfect memories
Haunted by the things you did to me
All of these faces they seem just the same
And all of these places I've watched go up in flames
Telling renditions of tragedy and shame
I'm on a mission to make it one more day

All these things
They build up in me
All these sins
They've corrupted me
Trust myself
To never trust again
Call for help
I wish I had a friend.

All of these things, they build up in me
All of these sins, they've corrupt me
Can you see, can you tell,
I am a broken soul destined for hell

Sunbathed, in the mornings light
When the night is gone
And the feeling that I can't contain comes around
The sheets, of my bed
seem to be, where I'll drownnnnnn

Locked inside, the tiny chamber, of my mind, I try to find, a reason to, convince myself,
I will be fine, just in due time,
Torn frommmmm, this reality
I'm still hereee, but it's not where I'm meant to beeee
Press rewind, and take a trip, though empty halls in a fractured glimpse, of passageways to yesterday's, that shaped me to who I am today, and question why, just one more time, you think that this would turn out fine

Conscious but not
Speaking but not heard
I used to flock, a sheep within the herd
Seen what it was,
The Shepard never learns
Stirring the ***
But don't expect the burn
Tearing off all of this  pretense my heart, is shackled and bound in a fence where I keep it I've seen all your crimes and misdeeds turn to secrets so trust me when I say if I loved you, just delete it.
Each and every scar on my heart seems to lead to a time and place where my trust and my faith was just wrongfully placed and at no ones fault, just seemingly t my own, Id give it all back  to never remember that home.
That home.
That face.
And those lies that we told, that once we're all true, I don't think you know, but that makes it hurt all the more.
Written by
Avestani  23/M/Alfheim
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