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Aug 2013
As I sit,
In the room with these,
Savages of social activity,
I see how the system works.

It starts with the gossip,
Then the shaming,
Every snide comment at
Someone’s expense.

Then, back to
“Have you seen this video?”
“Oh, it’s hilarious.”

“Wait, who texted who?”
She’s doing Him?”
“What are we having for lunch today?”

They speak as if insults are normal!

I really don’t want to
Hear this anymore.

Can you stop?
Or is your tiny brain
To speak that way?

“Oh god,
Look at her.
She’s so,
Insert insult here.”

You’re all the same.
Different face,
Same brain.

Hipsters of the modern day
Can go jump,
Because your version of
Is matching underwear
And ******* your “friend’s”
boyfriend behind their back.  

Do I want to sit with you?
Why in the hell,
Did you even ask?
Written by
Victoria Mogolis
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