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Sep 2021
We imprison plants to small amounts of dirt within vases, and when the plant grows big and branch out beyond our satisfaction we cut and trim them down, maim and mutilate them, that is the standard.
We were once connected to nature but now we’ve become too civilized, and since we can not be in nature we try to bring nature to us, we try to tame nature.
We do everything to make our lives more attractive, the ego is the tree that is decorated in all our desires, we need to be stripped of our embellishments.
We domesticate animals so that we can live with them, because w’ve been domesticated ourselves. We’ve lost touch with the natural ways, this is why we feel sick, our lives are artificial.
And so we do this with dogs and animals, we breed them to perform for us, disable them to help us when we’re disabled, or because we find them cute and desire these physical treats, so they grow up with health issues.
We feel imprisoned ourselves, that is why we try to imprison everything else. Everything we do, we do it with motive, we want to profit from everything that we’re doing, and so we plant trees to be in their shadows.
We grew sick the  moment we gave power to our thoughts.
And now we’ve imprisoned ourselves to our beliefs and doctrines, to our knowledge and understanding, not knowing that what we’re trying to follow is just ourselves, and like a dog trying to bite its own tail, we go in circles.
Written by
Kawa  31/M/Sweden
       Bogdan Dragos, multi sumus and SUDHANSHU KUMAR
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