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Sep 2021
In the sonata stops of rarely recognizable sounds, when the secretly resounding sound subsides in a chain of universal cocoons; even between pipcs-superstitious lips, all fears of ancient-bitter screams! In all times, food is necessary for the soul and stomach! In the universes, eye-stars illuminate secret Planets of the Spirit as we finally fly out of our secure parental home, our mother’s bean-palm palm! We always get out of silently-abandoned Nirvana ends!

A Target ball rolled to me guaranteed the formulas of hard-to-obtain dreams; I can only like a *****, puffy tub in the eyes of outside observers! Watchtower, a pathetic powder foot of creation - from above it is full of all small and false prisoners!
The injured house wall slowly wears off its bullet-infested blood drop! It’s getting harder to find humane people in springy spots hidden in sidewalk edges! Many times, while driving the imagery and playing the amused fool, I peek out into the curious world with such alert eyes as an interested little child who would like to be friends with sincerity, and who can't understand what kitten lady-butters and ball-bellies are?! From my starving instincts, I would sneak back to my shipwrecked childhood, and in the besieged harbors I would hear the insignificant waves of light vibrating at the same wavelengths cherished traitors only in the march of sincere emotions!

“My startling sympathy quickly fades away and then returns to someone else’s forehead; my teary eyes are always crying! I also have to measure the love gazes woven from tearful petals on the measuring chain of my wounded soul in order! All trust: a maze dead end too
Norbert Tasev
Written by
Norbert Tasev  36/M/Hungary
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