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Aug 2021
ship’s haven

it had been a dark and stormy day in the small fishing port of ship’s haven. a forgotten town barely clinging to its rocky shore with rotting timbers.

most lights remained lit during the day. the heavy rains had passed out to sea leaving behind a damp, chilly and blustery night.

residents remained inside their homes all day. few had reason to venture out during sheets of rain. night brought different reasons to feast upon their fears as they continued staying behind locked windows and doors.

no one with clear thoughts would be walking streets littered with puddles this night. streets mostly shrouded in sea mist.

anyone out possessed nefarious reasons. those that can disappear in between the randomly placed light poles with dim illumination.

compounding the poor lighting, half seemed to be out. while others irregularly flickered on and off. unnerving already frightened people  that much more.

the collective fear and knowledge was not everyone would remain indoors. winds of the cold night called the others to wake. they would appear, yet never be seen. only heard. in coming days their handiwork would be discovered scattered about.

those at sea were safe. those trapped on land knew what the churning waters meant and what soon would be spit out….

tales with twists, terrors
believable unknown fears
live deep in our souls
©️ dt + b
D Thornhill
Written by
D Thornhill
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