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Aug 2021
I have already laid everything on the bottom of the well; my grumpy, grimacing face can be searched by few! They can't open a whole walnut casing like a secret box with open keys! Mident's stretching-haunting, offensive dark rubbing his fingernails into me and that's why many times balmy nights startle me from frightening waggling wolves! On a severely-silent orphaned dervish scale, I measure my bugs daily as portions of meat and try to correct them! I envelop my spiky hedgehog soul, and I rarely believe words that are tickling!
As a slimy snail, I would try the bizarre rules of survival; and I can't really, completely happen like someone who's really alive - just hurt! I am forced to stand for a long time, otherwise little kings will trample the Man in me at any time! No one is buying a serious game today! Disposable, *****-life-destroying ***** have come! Playful demons had already exhausted everyone immediately; in this current home, hand-pulling has been reduced to fashion!
Sizzling like silent straw and barely staying in one place; tread, leave traces in endless fields! In a hurry, a thousand people are lurking towards me and infected rudeness is nestled on each of their lips! My desperate dreads often subside and I have no way to break out of demonic spells! "From my selfish pain, my dear could redeem me forever!" And will there still come an era when, in the outstretched hand, the throbbing cups of our hearts will throb for each other?!
Norbert Tasev
Written by
Norbert Tasev  36/M/Hungary
   Bogdan Dragos
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