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Aug 2021
Did I make you feel too special?
Was it too much; too hard to accept?
The adoration that I gave you,
Did it only make you feel inept?

Did I overly pamper you, princess?
Giving in every time we’re opposed?
Did you really think, “Why am I in this,
With this pushover? I think I got hosed.”

How many years did you just make believe?
How long has it been a charade?
As I cut myself open and give you my heart
All the while you were sharpening your blade

Now run along home to your sister’s,
Guts, blood, and gore in your wake
Saying, “I’m too delicate at this stage,
So don’t throw me things I can’t take…

Else you might ruin my recovery
So, …no surprises, please.”
…WELL, what about MY recovery,  *****?

You know what?

Go grind on his filthy fish tail
Go straddle his handlebars
Go send him words that you’ve stolen from me
Give to him all that was ours

Your beauty will fade from you someday
And you’ll no longer get to make jumps
Leaving lovers in puddles of gore as you go
Having lined-up your next ***** for humps

Take a hike for a while now, my strumpet,
Ride his handlebars into the night
I was waiting for you to be sorry
But it’s not worth fighting that fight

And some day in the future when you’re finally content
And you’ve ended your wand’rings and wild rides
Have us over and show us your enormous gape!
And we’ll drive our “Big Rigs” right on inside!
…now that I’ve been digging, the things I’m finding out about you are astonishing.  

…the times you’ve hit-on others right under my nose!
I am blind.
It’s amazing what you don’t see, when you’re trusting.

Who are you, Diane??

I miss you, but I haven’t met You.  

Whoever you are, you’ve torn me in two
Brother Jimmy
Written by
Brother Jimmy  M/Rochester, New York
(M/Rochester, New York)   
     Weeping willow, --- and Fawn
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