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Aug 2013
I remember when I was just a wee lad
In school, I must’ve been 10
Teacher told me I did bad
Opened his drawer, scowl on his mouth
He pulled out a long, leather strap
I was scared, I wanted my da
Told me to hold out my hand
I screamed
He grabbed my wrist
His eyes demented
I struggled, I screamed
I didn’t want him to hurt me
I wanted my ma
My da
To save me
From this wild deranged beast
I saw the long strap
Being raised in the air
My arm yanked forward
I saw only his back
Then the strap went down
The pain was raw
Pins and needles
He is trying to **** me
I must survive
I thump his back
But the strap was raised again
More pain, palm on fire
Oh please mister, I’ll do anything you want
Don’t hurt me again
He let go of me
He turned round
The mad look was gone
But still scared was I
My hand felt burnt
And pulsed with pain
I was told to leave
Eyes stinging with tears
I left the room
And with it my innocence
And what did I learn?
I learnt to hate!
Written by
Steve Madden  Aberdeen
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