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Aug 2013
eyeball too big
dream too big?

That **** alice-door is too tiny
Just enough to peep through
One mere eyeball
And espy the jolly life of dreams
Yet barely enough for a hand to reach through
let alone fingertips to taste …

Cruelty is…midday heart-brake too big
Reality makes sure to stick it in *deep

Its harsh voice stoking…stoking
Gleeful gives the dreamer an artful kick

maybe moment has dawned
to reduce that ambitious dream-reel
perhaps too big…on the teasing life-wheel
oh, drat! no biggie…
may well just trash every heart’s desire
let go of hope and let drown

no…forget it, Fate
I shan’t, no.
come onnnnnnnnnnnn, then….!
hey, come and drag me by my ****** heels
with my face in the gutter!

(I am WAITING...)

S T, 15 August 2013
Life’s seems to be a test, at best...every way we look at it.
And trying, too…!

(must find that ****** key…and flippin’ magic potion, if it even exists… lol)

not going down....despite consistent taunting of adversity... et al.
Written by
st64  flaming arrow
(flaming arrow)   
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