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Jul 28
Sitting at my computer
Watching the time go by
Why doesn’t it fly
Instead it just ticks by ever so slowly
At slug pace

It must just be
My anxiety
Creeping up from behind
While I’m worrying about you

Gosh, what should I do?
But I guess there is nothing to be done
I said what I could
Now it’s up to the clocks
But I’m not very patient
I can feel my stomach drop

It was just an argument
How bad could it be…
But my mind only sees
All the fatalities
Would it be all my fault?
I hate all this drama
Causing trauma

But soon it came to an end
And you returned
Seeming unburned
Saying it was all good
What a relief
I know I shouldn’t have been so worried
But it can get messy with a third party
Now, I hope you all are better for it :)
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