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Jul 2021
any man that thinks that he needs to
drown a girl in compliments
ply her with alcohol
and get her alone away from her friends
in order to have a good time, is no man at all.
He is a coward. His insecurity reeks almost as much as his cologne.

i wish you could hear the pleading in your voice,
as you try to justify your connection.
it breaks my heart to hear you
try to convince yourself that this is right.

can't you see that if you must resort to
timid, desperate entreaties
as to the validity and nature of your relationship,
that something is
at the core of your connection.

if you feel that you have to rationalize
how quick he was to begin
touching, holding, and manipulating you
with alcohol, hands, words, whatever he could,
as you were alone, incapacitated,
unable to even lift your head,
then i fear for you.

i fear for you with a fear that strikes deep.
it pierces my heart and makes it bleed
as it weeps for your own forgotten worth
as a person, as a woman,
as a human deserving of respect and true admiration.

you are worth so much more than
a pretty boy with pretty eyes
that whispers sweet nothings in your ear
and leaves sweet kisses on your skin with his touch
even as he packs his bags to leave
and never look back.

i beg you
to look at what this is.
to look at what this could/couldn't be.
and remember just how precious
and beautiful you are.
and how you are worth far more
than vague compliments
and innuendos.
Mere flirtations do not sum up
to the total value of the prize of your heart.

you are more than a lonely girl
seeking to fill a void.
you are deserving of true, lasting,
caring love, from a person that values you
for more than just your body and humor.

you can't seal a hole with gravel.
with the slightest movement, the tiniest tremble,
the stones just come falling out,
one by one,
till it's empty again.

may you find a way and a wish
to fill your heart with people that
truly want to take up
permanent residence.
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