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Jul 24

    It’s funny when I look back now
Oh how much things can change
Yet I still find myself an outcast
And I carry on in my world so strange

Everything else has changed but people
Still live life like High School
There’s all the clicks and you’re in or
You’re  out and then there’s me the stool

No matter how nice I am and no matter
What I do, I still just can’t win
No matter if I always treat others right
There’s not a click that lets me in

I poor my heart out and open my soul
And to my face they say I’m the best
But my guidance they discard when
They join with the rest

I’m there for them when no one else is
Around and I let them use me
As soon as others arrive they disappear
It’s always the same they always abuse me

Two faced people taking pleasure in
In someone else’s pain
Especially when they know your past
Because you told them about the rain

But I just come to the realization
That their lives must really ****
And it’s me that they envy
So I must always be my best Chuck

Because I truly have God and my Angel of
37 years, they are my rock keeping me strong
When the rest of the world can be so cruel
As they treat me oh so wrong

It’s funny when I look back on the past
My head would whisper of Suicide jive
But also the voice in my ear would be
Telling me that I must survive

So here I am living life to its fullest
Soon off to Hawaii and after to see KISS
And those who shun me will always live
A life that’s meaningless

Because they care for nothing and no one
And it’s obvious that God doesn’t exist
Though they know he’s there knocking
But to open the door they still resist

So the bottom line is I’ll never let them
Bring me down and in conclusion
I know I don’t need them and I am okay
Without being a part of the inclusion

Written By: Charles Kean
Copyright © 07/23/2021
All rights reserved
Chuck Kean
Written by
Chuck Kean  57/M
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