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Jul 20
The Rise Of Socialism

     In America, the land of the free
From Sea to shining Sea
No longer do we need to worry about War
To the Devil we’ve opened the door

Other countries build their military will
Have no mercy, No prisoners, just ****
Our soldiers, that’s offensive to me
When I don’t have a special place to ***

It’s not fair, there’s the rich and I have none
But their so stupid to see what has begun
America is now divided as we stand
And together in the fall of our land

In lands of socialism in the gutter and street
Loads of money is everywhere at your feet
In Venezuela it is worthless the Bolivar
That’s Socialism and the way things are

Our world will certainly crumble to dust
If we give our Government control and trust
Our America will be a land of Communism
If we surrender to the rise of socialism

Written By:Charles Kean
Copyright © 07/20/2021
All rights reserved
Chuck Kean
Written by
Chuck Kean  57/M
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