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Jul 2021
Long ago dreams
Dead cuz of choices made
No rhyme or reason
To this ****** addiction

No one can hear my screams
Inside my head they never fade
Living in hell no matter the season
Lost in this ****** addiction

Unbearable demons haunt me
No longer able to maintain
I give in to the anger
Finding absolution in this ****** addiction

This isn't how I want to be
Life's roller coaster ride has been insane
I have nothing left to wager
Stagnated by this ****** addiction

Broken promises left broken hearts
And kids without their mother
And a Mom beaten down and ashamed
Pain became the justification in this ****** addiction

Filled with guilt that never departs
And an anguish like no other
My past can no longer be blamed
Reality is I got complacent in this ****** addiction

Fighting so hard yet only feeling defeat
Can't seem to find the light
So tired of always hurting
I run into the chaos of this ****** addiction

I bow my head without conceit
Crying out to God with all my might
But desolation can be very disconcerting
When trying to escape this ****** addiction

Time and time again I tried and failed
To leave this life behind
Only to lose myself once more
To the hypnotic pull of this ****** addiction

This crazy train has been derailed
No longer strung outta my mind
Going to spread my wings and soar
The hell away from this ****** addiction
Sobriety is amazing life is so much better now. I'm blessed!
Written by
Regina Harrison
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