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Aug 2013
Forgetting is…

Forgetting is being told you've had two birthdays, for the fourth time,

Talk about a surprise party.

Forgetting is calling a number that has been disconnected for nearly three years and still expecting an answer.

Can I leave a message?

Forgetting is family portraits with a stranger in each one whom you cannot help but miss.

They say you have his smile.

Forgetting is not being able to close your eyes for longer than 8 seconds without thinking yourself 800 miles away.

How did I get here?

Forgetting is waking up from nightmares 7 times a night,

Right into another one.

Forgetting is the feeling of walking into a room and not remembering what you came for,

All the time.

Forgetting is wondering why the words "I love you" sit perched on your lips ready to take off,

When they have nowhere to land.

Forgetting is coming to in a room you don't recognize and slowly realizing that it's yours.

Welcome home.

Trying to remember is...  

Trying to remember is running face first into a brick wall that you used to know was there,

Didn't you?

Trying to remember is riding a bike up a hill without any pedals.

Remember that time?

Trying to remember is being waterboarded in a bucket of question marks and memory fragments.

How do you feel?

Trying to remember is looking back at what you had written only moments before and being convinced that someone is in your house

And they have your handwriting.

Who's there?

Remembering is…

Something I've forgotten.
Cristin H
Written by
Cristin H
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