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Aug 2013
I should've said it, all the words that slipt away.
You just stood there waiting for me to say something, anything would be enough
but all I said was nothing and all I had was nothing.
In my head I told you everything,
how your eyes shine brighter than all the stars in the world putย ย together,
how everything reminds me of you,
when i pass by the bench in park avenue 16 i could've sworn i saw us,
the old us sitting,
laughing, in love,
the way it was supposed to be
I shouldve told you that the silence isnt cause i dont love you, it's cause my love for you has left me speechles, breathless.
Its like i have so much to say, i just cant seem to find the words. I know im late, with you about to fall for the wrong girl and all, but before you leave,
Just hear me out, i know im all over the place and im not even close to being perfect
but what we have is as close as we'll ever get to forever.
Its always been me and you against the world.
I shouldve said it, maybe it was wrong to say nothing as you walked away.
I shouldโ€™ve never let you walk away but then again you shouldve nevet left in the first place.
The Habits of My Heart
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