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Aug 2013
There was a time when I was afraid
A time when each word made me want to cry
A time when I would run and hide
I'd run in my room and cover myself
Now it's just me standing - nothing else to be afraid off
I though I was done but then he showed up
Wrapped in a black cape - he was my nightmare
He had come to destroy me, me and everything I had and I had let him

There was a time when I was alone
A time when all I had was me and the voices in my head and those so called friends
But then he showed up - he somehow became my everything
and all of a sudden I wasn't alone anymore
All of a sudden I had someone to cling onto
Someone to call mine
And with every minutes we spend together
The voices disappeared and the fear went away
And I could love again

But now here is this nightmare covered with his black cape
What a mistake I made bringing you into my world

He stood there in the doorway waiting for me to say something
But I just sat there and stared
I knew that he was waiting for me to sent him away - but I didn't
I just let him into my world and he brought it crumbling down
I didn't even put up a fight - I just let him
I let his black cape cover me and I faded into the dark side again

I remember a time when I was afraid
A time when I was alone
When I couldn't love
His black cape brought all those feelings black

How do you reconcile with your past and even attempt to move on when every though haunts your very existent. When the only thing you can think about is your past.....How do you move on?
Margaretta Sackor
Written by
Margaretta Sackor  20/F/Virginia, USA
(20/F/Virginia, USA)   
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