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Jun 2021
If love is forever then cupid is a terrible archer,
If we were supposed to last,
Then Aphrodite was a cunning liar,

You spat acidic vitriol at me and made me believe it was sugar,

You taught me that what you did was love when in reality, all you did was tear into me like an animal,

When I was but a hollow shell,
You left me on the curbside to see whatever vagrants and creatures would venture to want me,

You made me believe I deserved the pain, that I was an issue, something you had to push through,
And get over with.

Some empty, meaningless, warm body,
Just there to make you feel whole again.
Jupiter The Poet
Written by
Jupiter The Poet  17/Two-Spirit/my brain, where else?
(17/Two-Spirit/my brain, where else?)   
   Jupiter The Poet
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