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Jun 2021
There are these kids who ride my bus,
Acting like the sun ain't ever going to come up,
Like decisions don't come with consequences,

What I would give to live like that,
Acting like gambling on life won't cost them everything,
Smiles wide and as bright as the moon,
Like their life is indestructible,

Like if it were thrown against a wall,
it wouldn't shatter,
Like life doesn't really matter,
Like to love and let go is just a second language to them,

Like for them, love is a fleeting cure for their neverending loneliness,
The fear of being alone,
Outweighing the fear of being trapped,

A fantasy world where bodies are cheap and warm,
But empty of intimacy.
Jupiter The Poet
Written by
Jupiter The Poet  17/Two-Spirit/my brain, where else?
(17/Two-Spirit/my brain, where else?)   
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