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Aug 2013
Dear, Mr Adam Lenzra
I had a dream,
that death was having conversations with little children
Playing in revolving doors,
So that Russian roulette would be in sandy boxes with more then one bullet in the door  
They say, Heaven needs more Angels
All Because of Revolving Calamities from Hurricane Sandy
all the way to Sandy Hook Elementary

They say when
Sand and ocean intertwine
tectonic plates shifts
So to Every action there is a reaction
Mother earth reacting 2 our actions
Contaminating her with our actions
Sun give life, but man bring death
systematically incorrect
Money lusting, wall street mob
With corrupt with ideology in their system
Building dreams on fantasy
But, In Reality nuclear bombs, atomic bomb
White house effect, failure 2 elect
carbon dioxide becoming the new oxygen
modern day trickery we're consuming
Government feeding

Click, click, click!
Take a picture
Maybe you can document this
the government is lacking exposure
License to load up and click
Lusting for their finger to click
Gun laws are being extinct
You too, can have your own two/two on you hip
All you have to do is sell your soul
And follow their click!

Let me hook your attention for a bit
death was having conversations with our little children
Way before Sandy Hook got hit
Modern day trickery
we're not blinded from the truth  
We just ignore the truth
Kids killing kids everyday in our neighborhood
We just ignore the truth
We joke around
calling this the black KKK's
But in reality
revolving those doors on government floors
Will cause chaos on ever Media floors
Lets change the Channel for a bit
Click !
So they censor the News, not showing you the truth
But they won't censor the music that is killing our youths
The projects is a project, and they have feelings too
Those Parents in the project are grieving
For those children that are lost by gun violence too

Let me hook your attention once more
If the State didn't separate it self from the Church
The attendance would always be a hundred percent
Teachers wouldn't have a problem checking their attendance
Christ would always be present and never absent  
So when people say, " Heaven needs more Angels"
I simply say, "humanity we need to put Christ back where He belong"
On His pedestal!
All the way from nursery, to elementary, all the way to universities

But I tell you, I pray
For those Sandy Hook Elementary children
And those project children
That are dead and gone, because of gun violence
I hook your memories into my *****
like Christ does His Church
And feed on your memory for a life time
So that death wouldn't  have conversations
With my generation to come...

Your memories will live on, as we  remember falling dreams..

To falling Dreams

By: Leon Dylan Labastide
Written by Leon D Labastide (Ruachpoet), this poem is to invoke change on gun violence.
Written by
Leon Labastide
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