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Aug 2013
I need to breathe the air of outdoor dreams where angels sing to me and I reciprocate the love in perfect pitches that transcend the glitches of the categories we've yet to break free from.  Add up the pixelated pieces to see this, the only sum.  Alone more often than ever before, and I embrace it, but inside the mind's of others I like to explore.  I have way too many words that go unheard for they're kept to me.  I know a soul or infinity x three that I would sell my thoughts to for free.  I've paid a vast amount of fees, literally and physically, but it's making me stronger.  I'll wear a smile to our reunion as the warmth between us extends our life spans even longer.  The bass hits and it gets intense as I hop the fence into your garden.  Pardon me if I seem so hardened, but beneath the exterior are energy waves deeper than lake superior.  I've never burned a bridge but there were many where I chose to stray.  Some bridges crumble on their own so it's sometimes more painful to stay.  If you have nowhere to go with your thoughts though, I'll listen to every word and perfect little fragment that you have to say.  Connected to everything, but sometimes everything seems so far apart.  I don't know how much time I have, but I will be long outlived by the pulse of my heart.  It may be time for a new start with all new faces, newfound vacations, with beautiful unseen places.  I'll leave a trail, pieces of me in case you ever wanna trace it.  Lace up the loose ends cuz you can count on this friend, with all of me to lend.  You know I won't pretend, because I've never been good at lying.  Defiance and reliance rest on opposite poles, but there's love within you enough to make yourself feel whole.   Taking control, going for a walk.  Give me a ring, if you ever wanna talk.  But I need to sing, and rewrite my life in chalk.  This is one of my everyday unwind times because I can't keep up with my rhymes.  I'm showing my spine, but still untouchable.  Things have been rocky, but still so wonderful.  Subtle growth, just like that of a tree.  For all eyes to see, this was a message for me
Written by
   Amy Kereky and Jai Rho
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