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Aug 2013
We are the demons of this earth. We are the vampires that **** away the life we "hold so dear". We are the monsters that ravage and destroy towns of peace just because we are blood thirsty.
We make up monsters by looking deep within ourselves. We find them fascinating, desirable, and lustful. Though we are those demons that we speak of. We are the demons within the stories and movies we find so alluring. I do not fear those demons and monsters that we have "made up" because the real monsters are all around me. They are all around this earth yet unseen by the naked eye. Only those who have seen it first hand know the evil of this world. The evil that those movies truly tell us. We may not be those monsters we have made up, but we are much more then that. Look around you, no one is as they seem, nothing in this world is.
I listen to the rain, hearing silence, yet screams of pain. This world calls out to us, wanting, waiting, for the sun to rise and for us to fall. We **** the life out of everything we touch. We create more of us to do what we wish upon the world. Spreading lies, betrail, and blood. Our hands our red with our mothers blood. We have killed our mother, the very thing that gave us life. What are we? Are we truly better then those monsters we see or are we simply looking into a mirror or possibly the future. The wars between vampires and werewolves are nothing less of the wars that go on today. We fight for nothing, we **** for fun, we die so that this world has a chance to survive.
Some of us resist, but none of us truly exsist. We are this worlds end. We are our own death. There is no reaper, only man. There are no vampires, werewolves, or even elves. We are those monsters we speak of and we will stop at nothing until evil has one. Our mothers and our fathers will always see us as less of a person. The longer we live, the more evil we become. Do we become stronger? No! Only weaker and deeper into the darkness that will consume the brightest of hearts.
Christina Rose
Written by
Christina Rose
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