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Jun 22
she has a mind
deeper than marianas trench
eyes bluer
than the vast texas skies
the pools of barton springs
the aquamarine stones
we stare at in a shop
that dares to dream
of our fingerprints on their doors
from years ago

her hair
is like flaxen silk
strands of sunlight
fresh picked sunflowers
veils of green tea
and bouquets of
roses and tulips and hydrangeas
permeate the air that wraps
around her delicate wrists
body like devils backbone
i drive on her thinking
of her
those distant memories
now a full reality
like the lips i now can kiss
not only in my dreams
but in the moment
of moments
here and now

photographs no longer hurt
but remind
of what was and what will be
promises wrapped
no longer in the guise of champagne or wine
but in sobriety, truth,
and the firm knowledge
that love knows no gender
no time, no place, no wrong
love conquers all
even the tender truths
of loves lost, battled, and won
over years of waiting
and searching for each other
in the eyes of other women
or men
or people
that never meet the same exact
proportions of laughter
of care, compassion, tenderness

she looks for the answers in me
and now, made of glass
i show her all
bare and naked to her
not hiding
unafraid to speak the words
that have always sat on my shoulders
whispering into my ears
lightly kissing on the collarbone
a touch so sensitive
and word so full of meaning

it means more to me now
than ever before
it feels like her
the sun
the moon
the eyes from across the room
the carress of cheek
the embrace at the gates
of the rest of our lives

she knows me
she loves me
she is everything to me
my forever muse
my forever love
Written by
Lynne  F/Texas
     Jamadhi Verse
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