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Jun 2021
I hope your refusal to go to the doctor catches up with you.
I hope you cook things you know I’d beg to have for dinner.
I hope you cry on the interstate listening to a song we’d **** around and dance horribly to.
I hope you stalk my social media and see the difference in my smiles.
I hope you look in my room every once in a while just to check if it’s still empty.
I hope you turn over in your bed sleeplessly trying to picture my voice.
I hope you have hundreds of letters of apology written in your mind.
I hope you break your knuckles from hitting your table from work stress
I hope that drywall is tempting; wanting to watch your fist go through it like paper
I hope you know what it feels like to lose me all over again.
And this time- it’s your fault
Happy Father’s Day
Gwendolyn Alaine
Written by
Gwendolyn Alaine  F
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