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Jul 2010
It's easy to be the
Life of the party.
You just drink more
Than everyone else.

You just tell funnier
Jokes and make more
Cups in beer pong but
Always finish your side-beer.

You be the one always
Yelling for more shots
And know all the rules
To kings cup.

You always lose
And you're the go-to
Man for flip cup.

People talk about you
When you aren't there
"He drinks too much
But **** he's awesome."

When they want low-key,
You aren't invited.
But you have your
Other parties anyway.

Slam back beers
Red faced groggy eyed
Throw up just to
Start over again.

Drive home still drunk
To wake up still alone
And do it all
Over again.

Yeah, its easy to be
The life of the party
When you're the
Only one there.
© Jake McKowen 2010
Written by
Jake McKowen
       LuigyDakid, Dani Hill, Zeta Esnea and D Conors
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