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May 26
That feeling you get,
You know the one.
Tingling everywhere and your tongue gets tied.
Only around that one person.

Doesn’t matter where or when,
Be it a good time or bad.

All the want to be with them more,
The longing to feel that feeling again.
So you keep coming back.

Again and again you return.
Never getting enough.

Whoever they are,
Don’t let it slip.
The way you feel,
Hope for lip to lip.

Kisses in the moonlight.
The night so bright.

The feeling is like flight,
The feeling of love.
The person you feel for,
You hold high above.

And so in the light of day,
Nobody knows why we feel this way.
It’s natural I guess.
As long as it isn’t an mess.
Written by
Dakota  M/United States
(M/United States)   
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