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May 2021
You have robbed me of my beauty
as your judgments label and discard me
take a closer look
Have you not seen the vibrancy of my petals?
the intricacy of their placement, in and around
and over each other
how my color enlivens this flat and desolate field

You have robbed me of my richness
as your anger at my existence fuels
the chemicals you annihilate me with
take a closer look
Have you seen how the bees simply adore me?
drawn to my hues, while a symphony
emerges from the buzzing of their bliss

Do not discard me
instead sit and rest here with me
in the stillness and the silence
surrender your labels and judgments
and just be here with me now
see me as I see you;
simply and beautifully

Allow the wonderment of what I am
mirror the wonderment of you
let us stop robbing ourselves
of the exquisiteness
that we are
5/24/21 - when we rest in simplicity the truth of reality reveals itself to be exquisitely beautiful as every thing.
Melissa Rose
Written by
Melissa Rose  48/F/Canada
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