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Jul 2010
So the loneliness that once was is gone.
And in its voidness and darkness,
Love’s sweet fund,
Has banked and coined its way on.

I toil as I sweat blood,
But still I would not change a day,
Because her smile make me happier,
A lot more than I can say.

I just wanted to be held,
Well now I could.
And all that needs to be understood.
Is that’s she fine and **** and loves me like she would.

Every pain she can take,
Every imperfection she makes great.
every time I cry its cuz’ I’m not with her,
every time I sleep it’s because I’m missing her.

I don’t know how long or short this is going to be,
Cuz I don’t know how long I can try to adequately describe,
How she selflessly and selfishly is loved and gives love, and takes and she creates,
A brand new future with a united soul foreign to hate.

I don’t know how she stands me,
How she lives with my mistakes,
But god ****** don’t let anyone tell you,
That I’m not in love with her.

Je t’aime my baby Mia.
John Ashton Upston
Written by
John Ashton Upston
   Terry Collett
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