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May 22
Often I find myself getting nearer to the sky
The gap between my feet and the mud
Seems to be increasing
My hair and clothes flutter in the wind
With my arms all up, I accept my fate
I feel peaceful, a Zen state

Like a helium balloon, I aim for the clouds
But something tethers me to the ground
My memories, the happy ones
They don’t let me leave

I begin to sink, slowly back to the land
As I think about, the silvery river water
Pushing my sandal off my feet
I run to grab it, trip over slippery moss
I begin to sink, slowly into the river
I wake up near the hearth
lying on the sofa,
my mother narrates me my favourite bedtime story
the soothing piano on radio, and whispers of fire
sending me to sleep
I begin to sink, slowly into my dream
Playing in the country land with my brothers
Catching ladybugs, and building their graves
Jumping in the plashes, roaring out loud
I begin to sink, slowly in their voices
The echoes of which still play in the background
As I run on fallen cherry petals
Caressed by the warmth of summer,
I chase butterflies in the streets
Suddenly a void opens underneath my feet
I begin to sink, slowly into the darkness
The dark is frightened away by the white hydrangeas
As I lay encompassed by hundreds of them

Such beautiful memories
Are they memories?
Or are they desires?
I keep sinking back to life, now contemplating
I land my feet back on the grass
My soles feel the moisture of the mud
The soft blades of the greens
I hope I stay here
Longer than the last time

Before I inevitably begin to float again
A poem about Memories and desires saving me from Suicide
Ahmad Attr
Written by
Ahmad Attr  20/M/Pakistan
     TTagain, Sera and Ahmad Attr
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