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May 21
I don’t know what you’re wearing today
Or what sugary breakfast you had
If you’re old enough now to have a crush on a boy
What his name is or if I know his older siblings
Have you learned all your multiplication yet?
I don’t know who your friends are or if you’ve made any
I don’t know if you ever wish you could hold me
I don’t know if you ever ask about me

But my arms ask about you
They ask me “When can we hold her again?”
My hands ask “When can we cross a street with her again?”
My legs ask “When can we tangle up in a cuddle with her again?”
My shoulder asks “When can she fall asleep on us in car rides again?”
My ears ask “When can we hear our favorite fit of giggling again?”
My fingers ask “When can we tickle and braid her hair again?”
My lap asks “When will she shrink into a toddler and sit with me again?”
My waist asks “When will she hug me and how much longer until she grows tall enough to hug my ribs?”
My lips ask “When can we kiss her forehead goodbye again?”

And my heart asks “Does she know how much I love her?”

Gwendolyn Alaine
Written by
Gwendolyn Alaine  F
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