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May 2021
Come midnight, the whispers crawl from the darkest depths of my head, sharing stories that hold wisdom, tragedy,  and even the secrets of the Dead. They guide me throughout life until all comes to an end. When the final word has been said, they weep for a great friend joins them as I lie down inside my dirt bed.....I awaken to teardrops forming in the corners of my eyes, questioning if there is actually a God up there in the sky. Convincing myself that it's alright to let myself silently cry, for I was the one who fool themselves into believing that I wouldn't eventually die. So I ask myself, "Didn't you already experience enough through this Life your currently partaking in? That the animal inside is constantly banging against the decomposing rib cage that forever imprisions it."; and there's Time who, just like the Devil, slowly creeps up on us dragging forcefully to our final deepest sleep; a place where we all must face that which we have reaped. So now I lay me God I hope these promises you really keep. So I vow to you on this night, my beautiful Moon, that I'll be coming to home to you soon. Even though I thought that I was completely immune, you somehow twisted my mind and twisted me into another ******* loon, under the wicked cover that you were falling for another temporary lover; and when you left me as nothing but food for the buzzer, that devilish smile would make the world shudder.
Rodrigo Martinez Lopez
Written by
Rodrigo Martinez Lopez  24/M/75001
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