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May 18
Slowly, without warning
You had dug a hole underneath me
And I was too busy,
too preoccupied, trying to love you
To notice how low
I had really gotten

Looking up,
seeing the distance to where I once stood
I reached up to you,
thinking you would pull me out
But you just walked away.
Leaving me stranded
All alone

And it took me quite some time
To crawl my way up
And you watched as I struggled
As I used every ounce of what you left of me
To try and scratch my way back to the light
Never thinking I would muster the strength
To finally reach the top

As I was inches away
My struggle almost over
Then you came back
Making sure to push me back down
To where you had left me.

My fight is not over,
I will reach where I once stood.
Written by
Shy  25
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