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May 2021
you’d always call my name with a smile
and your hand would be reaching for mine
is this real?
the butterflies turn into chirping birds
and my heart beats fast
i reach for you
and in that moment we’re one

the phone always rang at night
we’d stay up to talk about our days
you’d say my dress was pretty and for some reason i always felt like this moment would stay
whenever i looked at you my world spun around
and somehow for the first time
it finally felt like i was found

adolescent love
we’d play on the swings all day
and our shoes would be full of wood chips
when it always felt like may
and like flowers hugged my feet
keeping me in this moment
it was never for something more
i’d just have always liked you here
when it felt like we could both soar
to the clouds and when no one was around

ive always liked that feeling
i have to admit i sometimes miss it
but i must leave this ecstasy
this adolescent love has left me reeling
i want to take to the clouds
for something more
away from this crowd
i always yearn for you, adolescent love
but it’s just me now
i hope i find something more than you

something more
something new.
love, sunrise
Written by
sunrise  (they/them)
     ---, Just Another Flower and ---
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