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May 14
There isn't a worse pain than losing who you love most
Should have known from the start, we're not on the same coast
But we keep falling back into each other, without knowing why
Maybe it's because neither of us can actually say goodbye
This life goes on, but we continue to carry this weight
Perhaps we met too early, but now we're too late
You say we have to let go, and yet I still hold on
I'm holding you back; I've been doing it for so long
But isn't that the entire thing though
You stay here in this, even though you could go
The words you convince me by, but you don't follow
If we both gave up, we would meet our all-time low
Life goes on, as it's supposed to do
Told myself I was doing it all for you
All that there is to do and discover
But we're so focused on one another
I only want what's best for you, without letting you go
It's contradictory, to say the least, I really should know
You're all I have, at least that's what I've thought
I can't let you go now that feelings have been caught
Captain Trips
Written by
Captain Trips  17/F/Mars Hotel
(17/F/Mars Hotel)   
   Leone Lamp and Maria Mitea
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