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Aug 2013
It was no longer a brand new day
But rather, just another day.
She no longer basked her olive skin in the sunlight
Even though the sun still shone as bright.

It wasn't that anything had changed
Because nothing had at all
She had grown wary of the morning light
She never liked it like before.

Instead, she distanced herself from the sun
And all else that she loved,
She had always been a loner
But she had never felt so alone

Soon enough she became a walking paradox;
The disturbing balance of wanting to be less lonely
and wanting to be alone
And also how she wanted to tell somebody
and wanting to tell no one at all
But most of all
It was how she wanted to **** herself
and wanting to live a little more.

However, that balance was going to go off
And she knew which side would be hers to go
after all.

Written by
Kimberly  Singapore
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