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May 2021
please dont yell at me
please dont shout at me
keep your angry words
for another day

i know you care for me
i know you do it for my

but save
save these words for someone else
whos a little more worth
the trouble
cause no matter how much
you try and try
broken glass is still
broken glass

i dont know why i cry
and cry and cry and cry
every noise frightens me
i hear disappointment in
and i know
its all
for me

dont wait up for me
leave me to wander all by myself
im not
not really worth the time
not really worth
the effort of making better

im sorry
i broke the vase again
or closed the door a little too hard
im sorry
that i forgot my chores again
ill do it, you dont need to get up
and scream

im just a hole
no need to put your
hopes and dreams
on me

there are better horses to bet on
there are better people to trust
and then your heart wont break
any more than mine has been dumped

but you seem to still
to give a **** about me
so though i think that
good faith is wasted
ill try my best
and be
Written by
Em  Singapore
       Crow and South by Southwest
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