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May 2021
the moon is so loving, and yet so mocking
so comforting, and so unexplainably cruel
she calls me the victim, and then the villain
claiming I'm the innocent, and then I'm the fool

with craters as deep as my earthly pains
and an atmosphere as weak as my trust,
her whispers infect the blood in my veins
reminding me of my heartbreak and lust

I came here to escape my earthly pains
but alas, moonly pains took their place
I left my planet to find simple peace
but one can never find any comfort in space

She smiled at me when I was on the earth
yet, when I sought refuge, she changed her mind
don't turn to the moon when you're in pain
for more suffering is all you'll find
the stars, however, may be kinder to you
for they are a guide to the very lost
surely the stars aren't as cruel
and won't comfort with so great of a cost
inked solace
Written by
inked solace  F/wonderland
     Eshwara Prasad, Jme Love, ap and solstice
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