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Aug 2013
It's 12 am-
Insects explode into a vast harmony.
It's 12:30-
I'm in your arms,
You kiss me like you mean no harm.
It's 1 o'clock-
The clock begins to tick,
When summer ends,
Will we end like this?
It's 1:30-
And we're settled beneath the stars
Entertaining the idea,
That our dreams aren't that far.
It's 2 o'clock-
And you talk of her,
It's that type of love ,
I was wishing for.
It's 2:30-
And your lips crash upon mine,
I wish I could pause the track,
Hit rewind.
It's 3 am-
And I clutch your hand,
pulling you closer,
i can almost see land.
It's 3:30-
And the stars are gone,
Space ****** them up,
Just as you did my fears.
It's 4 am-
And it's getting cold,
The night mimics a part of my soul.
It's 4:30-
And time is depleting,
My heart starts to race,
Can you feel it's beating?
It's 5 am-
And we part ways,
I head off into a vast corn maze.
It's 5:30-
And I'm in my bed,
And my mind ponders over the things you said.
It's 6 o'clock -
And I'm feeling dead,
Time ran out
And you can't take back the things that weren't said.
Written by
   Ellen Bee and ---
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