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Apr 2021
He is the sun.
and orange
and drawing your attention
until you are blinded and sunburnt and in awe and watching as
as He-
as He FLIES.
as He soars, ascends, goes higher and higher and never, ever falls.

what use is a sun,
if not to distract the world from the moon?
the moon glows. It does not take the spotlight.
It is all knowing and lovely and shimmering and illuminating and observant and
and the moon  -the moon is, if not anything else, always there.

The stars twinkle.
They smile,
They offer encouragement.
the stars are beautiful and expansive and appear in the most unexpected of places, on the cuffs of jeans, in the wake of dreams,
in a smattering across the cheeks.
The stars are familiar.

the sky ties them together.
ever changing
full of all that it loves
the sky is large and encompassing and it will always, always
the sky will always
the sky will always
inspired by karasuno first years! (sorry I didn't include yachi but i have no idea how to characterize her TT)
Written by
finn  M/he/they
     --- and Imran Islam
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